Project Fiber Laser Purchase


Ambroz d.o.o. Company is aiming to have efficient and green production. That is reason for looking of buying Fiber laser cutting machine which will ensure higher cutting efficiency and lower expence related to outsourcing cutting activity. Both will result also with lower CO2 emission in environment which will be benefit also for employees since they will have healthier working condition.

Grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, in the frame of the Program „Business Development and Innovation Croatia“ support Ambroz d.o.o. company in project Fiber Laser cutting Machine purchase.

Project start: July 1st 2021
Expected Project close: March 1st 2022.
Grant amount from Innovation Norway: 159.000 €

For realization of project we open tender for Fiber Laser Cutting machine purchase.
Potential supplier could find Open Tender documentation in document below:

Open Tender for Fiber Laser Purchase

Aplication Form for Tender

Purchase decision

Questions and Answes

1: Is it possible to send offer directly from Chinaor tenderer have to be from EU?

There are no limit for tenderer location. Only request is to satisfy tender condition.

2: explanation for boxes “VAT have to be applied”

In case that VAT have to be applied it is needed to put price with VAT. In case that VAT is not applicable (EU country) it is needed to put price without VAT or write that VAT is not applicable due to EU regulation.

3: explanation for boxes “Action, related to paying condition”

In case that offer understand paying in few times, it is needed to mention what activity have to be trigger for paying: example: Activity after machine delivery – amount for paying; activity after education – amount for paying.