Project Manufacturing modernization II


Ambroz d.o.o. Company is aiming to have efficient and green production. That is reason for Project Manufacturing modernization II which will continue with greener production with less pollution in atmosphere and higher production efficiency.

Grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, in the frame of the Program „Business Development and Innovation Croatia“ support Ambroz d.o.o. company in project Manufacturing modernization II.

Project start: June 1st 2023.
Expected Project close: April 31st 2024.

Ambroz d.o.o. announce Public procurement for Punching machine:

Short description: Based on Norway grants Program “Business Development and Innovation Croatia” for financing project “Manufacturing Modernization" and in accordance to Public procurement in accordance with National Public Procurement Act, Contracting Authority Ambroz d.o.o. publish Public procurement for Punching machine; Procurement number: 2023/363970-04
Deadline for submission of offers: 21.09.2023. until 12:00 hour, through EOJN web portal.

In accordance with article 80. point 2.1. (Act of Public procurement 2016) company which are in Conflict of interest for contracting authorities in the meaning of article 76. and 77. Naručitelj i njegovi predstavnici u ovom postupku javne nabave u smislu odredbi članaka 76. i 77. (Acto of Public procurement 2016) are:

  • GAJOMA j.d.o.o., Hrvoja Macanovića 24, 10000 Zagreb
  • G-JIMI d.o.o., Kutnjački put 2, 10000 Zagreb i
  • Regula Impero d.o.o., Hrvoja Macanovića 24, 10000 Zagreb
Public announcements:
  • TED: 10.8.2023., referentni broj 2023/S 154-490224
  • EOJN: 11.8.2023., referentni broj 2023/S 0F2-0034147
More information:

Last activities

With November 16th 2023 Ambroz announce open tender for Measuring system..

Potential supplier could find Open Tender documentation in document below:

Open Tender for Measuring system

Aplication Form for Tender

Procurement number: 2023/363970-05
Deadline for submission offer is: end of day November 30th 2023